Current Projects

Fonterra Whareroa WPC 5/250 Upgrade

Upgrade Fonterra Whareroa Skim and Lactic UF processors from PLC 5/250 to ControlLogix Architecture. Rewire all existing field devices (approx 4000 I/O) into 1756 modules via Tait (AC and DC) MOP modules
Contracted by Fonterra.

Fonterra Whareroa Cheese RCR PLC Upgrade

Upgrade Fonterra Whareroa Cheese Rapid Cool Room 2 & 3 from PLC5 and SLC500 into single ControlLogix Architecture. Rewire all existing field devices into 1756 modules via Tait (AC and DC) MOP modules.
Contracted by Fonterra.

Fonterra Machine Safety Guarding

Supplied Machine Safety Automation Expertise to Fonterra, Whareroa. Utilising Rockwell, SICK and Pilz Safety platforms
Contracted by Fonterra.

Fonterra DFE Kapuni PLC Upgrade

Upgrade Fonterra DFE Kapuni inhaler grade lactose processors from Concept to Unity Architecture. Contracted by DFE Fonterra

Goodman Fielder - Palmerston North

Installation of Milk Filling System and manifold addition.
Contracted by Goodman Fielder.

Completed Projects

Fonterra Whareroa Powder 5 Softlogix to ControlLogix

Migration of the Softlogix processor to a ControlLogix platform
Contracted by Fonterra

Fonterra Research Centre, Palmerston North DeltaV Replacement

Replacement of DeltaV DCS. Implementing Fonterra S88 ControlLogix / iFix platforms.
Contracted by Fonterra.

Goodman Fielder, Palmerston North PLC5 Upgrade

Migration of 4 x PLC5's to ControlLogix processors, interfacing to existing 1771 IO.
Contracted by Goodman Fielder.

Fonterra Whareroa Cheese Vats Safety Upgrade

Installation of Rockwell ControlLogix system to control operator access to Cheese Vats.
Contracted by Fonterra

Fonterra Whareroa Safety Upgrades

Installation of Rockwell Smartguard systems integrated into existing process.
Systems developed to compliance of Fonterra FES Sfaety Standard.
Contracted by Fonterra

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